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Root-End Resection

A root-end resection is necessary if root canal treatment at your dentist does not result in pain relief or if an X-ray shows inflammation and bone degeneration around the root end. The inflammation is caused by bacteria in the inflamed, dead tooth nerves, which then spread to the bone around the root end.

The operation involves cleaning the nerve canals and sealing them with a root filling paste. In addition, the tip of the root is removed (about 1-2 mm) along with the inflamed tissue around the root end. The end of the root is removed by making a horizontal incision in the gum, level with the root ends in the mouth and on the cheek side of the jaw. The aim of the operation is to prevent further bacteria from the nerve channels from entering the bone.

We can say that the operation is successful if the patient experiences no pain whatsoever after 2-3 days and if an X-ray 3-4 months after the operation shows that the jaw bone has healed completely around the end of the root.