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Microscopic Root Canal Treatment

Cavities and trauma are the most common cause of the inflammation and necrosis of dental pulp tissue. This condition is known as pulpitis. People with pulpitis usually experience severe toothache, and root canal treatment is necessary in most cases. The aim of the treatment is to remove the dead tissue (nerve and blood vessels) in the root canal, clean the root canal, and then fill it with a special paste. The filling should completely fill the entire root. Only if the root canal filling is sealed optimally can we be confident that the patient will no longer need further treatment or experience pain, and will not lose the tooth.

Mechanical or anatomical issues, such as constricted or bent roots, can occasionally arise during root canal treatment, which make it very difficult to reach the root. Sometimes, even locating the canals can be practically impossible. In such extreme situations, where the tooth can nevertheless be retained, root canal treatment using a microscope may be necessary. This is a very lengthy procedure – sometimes lasting several hours – performed by a specialist, who locates, treats, and fills the root canals that cannot otherwise be reached using more simple means. By working under a microscope, we can save teeth that would, under other circumstances, have to be extracted.